FactSage thermochemical software and databases — recent developments

TitleFactSage thermochemical software and databases — recent developments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBale, CW, Bélisle, E, Chartrand, P, DECTEROV, SA, Eriksson, G, Hack, K, Jung, IH, Kang, YB, Melançon, J, Pelton, DA, Robelin, C, Petersen, S

FactSage ® was introduced in 2001 as the fusion of the {F*A}*{C*T}/{FACT}-Win and ChemSage thermochemical packages. The FactSage package runs on a PC operating under Microsoft Windows ® and consists of a series of information, database, calculation and manipulation modules that enable one to access and manipulate pure substances and solution databases. With the various modules one can perform a wide variety of thermochemical calculations and generate tables, graphs and figures of interest to chemical and physical metallurgists, chemical engineers, corrosion engineers, inorganic chemists, geochemists, ceramists, electrochemists, environmentalists, etc. This paper presents a summary of the recent developments in the FactSage thermochemical software and databases. In the article, emphasis is placed on the new databases and the calculation and manipulation of phase diagrams and complex phase equilibria.